about the author - heirloom motheringHello! I’m Justine Uhlenbrock, an epidemiologist by trade and a storyteller by hobby. I am also a strategistbirth doula, and childbirth educator. I am a southerner transplanted to Boston, a renegade homemaker, and a mother who spends an alarming portion of my day giving simple directions to people who ignore them.

If motherhood was my second adolescence, then writing must be my third. I enjoy writingreading, especially literary reflections; and listening to other people’s stories. I share my own process here, even when I feel vulnerable. For some reason I cannot recall now, I decided this is the year I will speak in public.

Come find me on InstagramTwitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest. You can also email me at justine.uhlenbrock [at] gmail.com.


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